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Carpet Repair Tools Sydney

At our warehouse in Sydney , we stock a range of carpet water damage tools for sale or hire. Tools hire and equipment hire set up for builders, DIYers and trades people in construction, across all Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast suburbs.
You can call or text now on 0428 997 684, fill out an inquiry form here or email us directly

See below for some of the tools we have.

  • Carpet bolster
  • Carpet knee kicker
  • Carpet power stretcher
  • Carpet knife
  • Carpet knife tools
  • Carpet cutter
  • Carpet scissors
  • Carpet seaming iron metal cutter
  • Carpet cutter trimmer
  • Heating tape
  • Hammer
  • Carpet seam roller
  • Strip cutter
  • Ripping hammer
  • Nail driving bar
  • Blade utility knife
  • Carpet tucker
  • Tape measure
  • Rubber mallet
  • Carpet repair kit
  • Carpet moisture reader
  • Underlay
Carpet Repair Tools Sydney
Hire Carpet Tools in Sydney

We have the right tools for the job needed. 24/7 Wet carpet repair tools. We repair carpet after it's been affected by water. Carpet gets bubbles, and shrinks from water and moisture, we dry the carpet and re-stretch carpet back into position. Carpet pet damage repairs, holes, stains, carpet fiber rips, moving furniture damage, wheelchair carpet bubbles. Repairs on split carpet joints. We offer budget carpet repairs also. Carpet and underlay replacement. When wet carpet and underlay can't be saved.

Are you moving out? Do you need carpet repairs? We are here to help you and guarantee your bond back. We are experts in carpet repair. We come to you call or text us on 0428 997 684. or email photos to

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