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Welcome1 to Carpet Water Damage Warehouse. We offer a complete emergency carpet water damage service, providing fast mobile drying equipment set up with delivery to your door in under an hour. We service Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney. Don't delay - call us today on 0428 997 684.

Our range of equipment includes dryers/blowers, air movers different sizes, commercial dehumidifiers different sizes, air filters, air scrubber, inject dry floor drying, water claw, heaters, carpet Extractor ROVER, Moisture readers.

Carpet warehouse provides emergency carpet water damage extraction and equipment hire. We are mobile and at your service door within an hour. We use the latest technology and we are 5 star rated. Water damage should be treated by certified technicians, and Carpet Water Damage Warehouse holds these certifications. We offer our customers full water damage recovery, no matter what time of day or night - you can expect the best carpet water damage expert at your door in record time!

We offer free assessment, no upfront payment is needed - we get paid only after the job is completed. We deal with all types of insurance companies, photos, reports and invoices are provided. Save yourself money and time and hire the experts at carpet water damage warehouse, fully certified and insured. 0428 997 684.

Please try to do the following before our team arrives:

  • Eliminate the source of water if possible
  • turn off circuit breakers if safe to do so
  • remove and secure small furniture if possible
  • turn off circuit breakers if safe to do so
  • protect carpet from staining using foil ( plastic furniture tabs, plastic wrap) beneath furniture legs.
  • hang draperies and pin up furniture skirts.
  • remove books, shoes, paper goods, fabrics, potted plants and other items that may stain carpet (or be damaged by water).
  • remove and secure breakables.
  • contact a doctor if you have health concerns .
  • Be cautious of slip hazards

Please make sure you don't do the following before our team arrives:

  • Use vacuum cleaner/ equipment to remove water.
  • The use of newspaper on wet surfaces.
  • Walk across wet surfaces any more than necessary.
  • Activate the building HVAC system.
  • Adjust indoor temperatures.
  • Enter an area with standing water.
  • Adjust indoor temperatures.
  • consume any food in the affected area, especially if the water was from an unsanitary source.
  • use personal hygiene items left in the affected area, especially if the water was from an unsanitary source.
  • use home fans to dry wet surfaces.

We look after a large range of business premises ie: hospitals, schools, shops, offices, factories, holiday homes and residential. We minimise the loss through damage. We provide carpet water damage reports.

We can look after new projects. We have a fast drying process for any projects and new buildings.

We have teams available in your area 24/7, our call centre responds to you Immediately with friendly customer service representatives standing by to help with your inquiries. We provide same day services. You can call, text or fill out an inquiry form, our email is whatsapp is available on 0428 997 684.

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