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Drying Equipment Hire

At Carpet Water Damage and Warehouse, we make sure that we properly assess your water damage and water extraction/drying needs, in order to determine which is the best equipment and method to use. This sets us apart from other companies as we don’t use a blanket approach to all jobs, other than ensuring our service is prompt, efficient and friendly! We also use state-of-the art carpet dryers/blowers that emit only a low level of noise, meaning your carpet drying/restoration experience is as minimally disruptive as possible.

InjectiDry Systems

When it comes to restoring wooden floors which have suffered water damage, Carpet Water Damage and Warehouse uses InjectiDry systems, which are powerful systems used to extract water from those surfaces using a hose and pad system with negative (suction) and positive (blowing) methods, to dry and restore your wooden floors to their former glory.

Hire Wet Carpet Water Extraction Equipment in Sydney, free delivery and set up

HEPA Air Scrubbers

Our HEPA Air Scrubbers are ideal for use in any restoration job. In a restoration setting, dirt/dust etc particles that have settled into the carpets may be stirred up by the high-velocity airflow needed to properly dry the carpets, and the HEPA Filter Air Scrubber filters the air and removes the nasty particles. It can remove up to 99% of dust particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter – a human hair is approximately 50-150 microns in diameter, which means the HEPA filter captures dust several hundred times smaller than a single human hair! Our HEPA filters will remove the toxic particles from the air and capture them to ensure the nasty chemicals are gone from your home for good. We use the Air Scrubbers in common areas where there is minimal air flow/ windows. HEPA filters are also much more powerful, and therefore, much more hygienic than other simple filters. They work at a much smaller scale, stopping pollen, pet dander, mould spores and even some bacteria.

Water Claw

At Carpet Water Damage and Warehouse, we use a tool called a Water Claw. The Water Claw Sub-Surface Spot Lifter can perform spot removal from just beneath the surface of your damaged carpets with our wet vacuum equipment, with amazing results. Any contaminants in carpets and underlay that can be held in a liquid can be extracted with the Water Claw. Even if the water has been sitting in your carpet for long than you would have liked, the Water Claw used by our team at Carpet Water Damage and Warehouse will be extracted and usually will dry out completely overnight, if not earlier, in conjunction with our super-quiet air movers/dryers.

Commercial dehumidifiers

Our team at Carpet Water Damage and Warehouse use the most modern and efficient dehumidifiers in various sizes according to your particular needs and layout of water-damaged area. Carpet Water Damage and Warehouse use commercial dehumidifiers which have a refrigeration/cooling system, allowing the dehumidifier to lower the temperature of the air once inside the machine. More water/moisture attaches to the coils inside the machine, pumping more moisture out of the machine, drying a space down to a much lower humidity than traditional dehumidifiers. The dehumidifiers used by Carpet Water Damage and Warehouse withdraw moisture from the air, carpet, floors, walls and furniture, with the extracted water running through the hose and connecting to the nearest drain, disposing of the unwanted water in a safe and efficient manner.

Thermal Image Devices

The team at Carpet Water Damage and Warehouse uses thermal image devices to accurately pinpoint and assess the presence of moisture. Thermal imaging technology is a great asset to the carpet-cleaning industry, as it can pinpoint sub-surface water damage and moisture issues which are unable to be seen with the naked eye. The use of the thermal image devices by Carpet Water Damage and Warehouse allows us to document the drying and water damage restoration process with efficiency and accuracy. At Carpet Water Damage and Warehouse, we use the Flir C3 Thermal Image Camera. This device is a small but mighty piece of equipment, which allows us to detect sub-surface water damage at temperatures from -10C° to 150C°. It allows us to spot the difference in temperatures all through the room simultaneously, also allowing us to efficiently assess and address moisture issues.

Moisture Readers

Our team at Carpet Water Damage and Warehouse performs moisture readings and assessments with the carpet- cleaning industry’s most advanced moisture reader – the Protimeter MMS2 is the industry’s most advanced all-in-one moisture meter, allowing Carpet Water Damage and Warehouse to concurrently perform multiple tasks to assess water presence and water damage. We use this tool to measure the humidity levels in the affected area(s) and the presence of water, both just on the surface and underneath – it also features an infrared thermometer which means we can assess water damage accurately from the outside! We also use a handy tool called the Dri-Eaz HydroSensor II. This is a moisture reader which allows us to track the movement of water, enabling us to provide more accurate information when it comes to putting together a water damage report. It also has an extendable/collapsible shaft which allows our team at Carpet Water Damage and Warehouse to use this great tool with minimal bending/maximum ease.

Calculating Apps

Our team at Carpet Water Damage and Warehouse uses a program called Sycorp. This is a fast and accurate application which allows us to input the measurements we’ve taken using the HydroSensor, Protimeter and Flir (along with our manual measurements), and precisely calculate the types and amount of equipment (HEPA filters, air-movers, dehumidifiers etc) we need for your particular water-damaged area in order to provide the most efficient service possible from us here at Carpet Water Damage and Warehouse.

Delivery and setup

Here at Carpet Water Damage and Warehouse, we are committed to ensuring your needs are met as best as possible – and we always provide service with a smile! Our team will deliver and set up all of the necessary equipment for the job, free of charge*.

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