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Drying Wet Carpet Services

I have wet carpet from a burst pipe Help!

You have come to the right place for all wet carpet disasters . First we have to asses the wet carpet damage then we need to a water extraction/vacuuming to remove as much of the excess water as possible then we install the right amount of equipment in the wet carpet area dryers are installed underneath the carpet as well as on top of the carpet to get as much air flow as possible to dry the underlay and carpet drying time can be between 2-5 days Depends how much water is on the carpet and underlay what type of underlay there is or what type of carpet there is.

What most people are unaware of about wet carpet services, they must compute the temperature of the room, but they should use positive air solutions and negative air solutions.

What's positive and negative air flow? Positive airflow is when air will egress through cracks and crevices and will carry with it any airborne particulates, odors, or vapors. Establishing negative air pressure in the target area can help prevent moisture, odors and contaminants from spreading to unaffected areas through cracks, crevices and openings in the structure walls. It can also accelerate drying. An Area has negative air pressure when air is removed from the space, resulting in a lower air pressure inside the target area than outside.

Carpet Dryers for Hire in Sydney

How to dry flooded carpet or flooded basements? We set up a commercial dehumidifier and a ducting system, to the dehumidifier to make the temperature air flow the right temperature and install carpet blowers, and a air-scrubber and we maintain the temperature of the basement to get a good drying system going.

Why is it needed for the air dryers to go behind the dehumidifiers? To circle the hot air from the dehumidifier to all the areas I have wet carpets at, and this also helps spaces or rooms with no windows, to help proficient drying.

The carpet in my room is wet, along with wet floor. My room got flooded, will the air con dry it? Yes it will help after the water has been extracted, don’t use the air corn before measuring the temperature if we are using the negative process you can put it on cold if we are using positive air you can put your air con on warm.

Carpet Dryers for Hire in Sydney

Drying wet carpet by negative air or positive air

We have different specialised machines for positive air or negative air drying. And withdrawal of moisture from the structure if it’s your home or office

What’s the difference between drying carpet tiles and normal carpet like wool?

Is it the same process? No it isn’t.. with carpet tiles we need to remove them and dry the subfloors we install dryers/blowers and commercial dehumidifiers to dry the structure less drying time then wool carpet drying.

Wool carpet needs more drying time as it’s a natural fibre we install dryers, dehumidifier as well as air scrubber to purify the air.

Do you know some carpets don’t have underlay for example carpet tiles or glued carpet... how we remove moisture from underneath without removing the glued carpet? We install commercial dehumidifiers and air scrubbers so it doesn’t need to be uplift and the underlay and subfloors will still be dried 100% Drying wet carpet with Science and technology.

Carpet Dryers for Hire in Sydney

Do you know there is carpet with different underlay types cloth, form and rubber etc. With glued carpet we have the right machines to dry out the carpet, underlay and subfloors.

Yes by using the right machine and technology we can dry them out.

Using a carpet extraction rover machine that is connected with a portable machine technician stands on the rover and it extract the carpet with high Pressure so the water will keep coming up to the surface all the way through from the underlay

Wet carpets need drying, repair and cleaning we have more then 15 years experience and all our technicians are Certified in drying wet carpet and repairs.

Wet carpet can leave brown water Marks or even leave bubbles in carpet.

Drying wet carpet is guaranteed with no mould using our latest technology making it more efficient and cost effective to you our customers. We use a special moisture reading device and thermal imaging readers.

How people used to dry wet carpet in the earlier days People used to remove the carpet and put out in the sun and the sun or they would just replace it. Most people thought wet carpet can’t be saved luckily the dehumidifier was invented as it makes the process a lot easier and saves time and money.

Carpet Dryers for Hire in Sydney

Wet carpet health and risk

Do you know that if you don’t dry your carpet properly there a lot of health issues that can occur with mildew and mould. If you only dry the carpet and not the underlay and subfloors you will most definitely have mould issues and very high risk to your health. Please don’t delay in drying your carpets leave it to the professionals call the professionals at carpet water damage warehouse and they will do all that is needed to restore your home or office as it was before the water damage.

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