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Hire Dehumidifier Sydney

How to dry wet carpet
Rent a dehumidifier for Total Restoration from Water Damage
What is the best way to dry out wet carpet quickly?

A dehumidifier will help dry carpet moisture and dampness effectively after accidental or long term water damage and flooding! We offer FREE same day service 24/7 delivery and pick up of our commercial dehumidifiers - starting at just $149 per day, we hire out a large range of dehumidifying units to all the Sydney metropolitan suburbs. Contact our emergency mobile despatch unit for immediate service. You can call or text now on 0428 997 684, fill out an inquiry form here or email us directly

Do I need to hire a dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers are absolutely essential for the long term and complete reparation of accidental water damage, as well as health and safety in the workplace and home. Removing excess water from the air is crucial because damage can occur long after water has dried from the affected area. Computers, electricals and optical equipment can rust and calcify; clothing and soft furnishings can acquire mould damage.

Mould thrives in dark, moist conditions and without professional intervention, unlit or low circulation areas can become inhabited by mould. The dehumidifier strips the air of the moisture required for mould growth and also provides adequate circulation to inhibit further mould growth. High levels of indoor humidity are known to increase the transmission of viruses, mites, bacteria, fungi and other harmful pathogens invisible to the naked eye which affect asthma and allergies.

Luckily, the risk of respiratory infections and illness can be decreased by moderating the moisture levels in the air with a high grade dehumidifier. Mould thrives in dark, moist conditions and without professional intervention, unlit or low circulation areas can become inhabited by mould.

The dehumidifier strips the air of the moisture required for mould growth and also provides adequate circulation to inhibit further mould growth.The area may be affected by accidents such as flood damage, storm damage, burst pipes, or long term issues such as penetrating damp, condensation from cooking and drying or unintentional defrost after a power outage. These problems are especially prevalent in dark areas such as basements, apartments and rooms without adequate ventilation. If air moisture levels are left unattended after accidental flooding, permanent damage to the building can occur such as rotting of natural materials, water stains on the walls or ceilings of your home and damage to the integrity of permanent fixtures and foundations.

How to hire a dehumidifier

You can hire the very same equipment the professionals use to remove humidity and moisture from the air to increase carpet drying time after water inundation. We will choose the right make and model for the job and advise the best set up for your application. We will discuss your requirements, time frame and budget to come up with a suitable, simple solution. We have, in our warehouse, up to 50 dehumidifiers ready for delivery and installation at any time. Whether it's your home, office or a commercial enterprise, we take care of the whole process from delivery to pick up. The affected area can be salvaged from thousands of dollars of long term damage by hiring professional water extraction equipment from the Carpet Water Damage Warehouse.

How does a dehumidifier work?

Our range of dehumidifiers remove large amounts of water and humidity from the air, silently and around the clock, to completely revitalise damp, moisture laden areas. Air is sucked in and conditioned via the removal of moisture, then returned to the room dry, fresh and crisp. The moisture drips into a holding tank which needs to be emptied or it can be fed into a drain.We are on call to provide free support with set up and use of the machine. Long and short term options are available, depending on the level of moisture penetration.

Features of our dehumidifiers:

  • Economical and environmentally friendly
  • Decreases dust mites, mould, mildew and condensation
  • Holistic solution for water damage in residential or commercial property
  • Reduce illnesses and risk of respiratory infection
  • Reduction of odours
  • Wheels for ease of mobility
  • Portable
  • Heavy Duty and rugged
  • Very easy set up and background operation day and night

Whilst all rugs and soft furnishings need to be immediately removed from the area to dry, most often permanent carpet fixings need to be dried in their place and require a dehumidifier to extract moisture from walls, furniture or deep within the floor. If you have a hardwood floor it is highly recommended that you use a dehumidifier in your drying process.

To set up your dehumidifier to drain continuously, you can elevate it on a shelf or table and guide the hose into a basin or tub. This way the unit can be left unattended for a longer period at a time.Set up will depend on the unit chosen for the job. We are here to assist you with the process - 0428 997 684.

LGR 7000XLi - Leading performer in XL category.

Portable, high-performance water removal – even at low humidity levels. Reduce and control excess moisture fast with the unit's patented cross-flow technology that optimises moisture removal in virtually all conditions. The i-Series digital control displays real-time temperature, relative humidity and GPP, and offers an adjustable humidistat for precise moisture control.

Product Features:

  • Advanced Crossflow Technology maximizes efficiency even in low grain environments. Ensures best performance across range
  • Self-monitoring system. Built-in sensors monitor performance parameters allowing for automatic fan speed adjustments
  • Built-in humidistat and plain-English control panel messages
  • Sealed large-capacity pump basin – more than enough to handle the water from an unintentional defrost that might occur after a power outage or other unexpected shut-down
  • Ergonomic design. Handle 2 in. taller for easier use on stairs folds down for storage. Integrated cord and hose storage
  • Versatile application – standard 12 in. ductable outlet
  • Legendary rotomolded housing – practically indestructible – resists dents and dings – stackable for storage – saves room in warehouse
  • If power is interrupted during operation the unit will automatically restart when power is restored. (115V models only.)


  • Power: 8.3 amps 115V
  • Max. water removal rate: 111 litres per day
  • Water removal LGR: 40% more than competitive units
  • Operating range: 1° – 38°C
  • Process air (max.): 325 CFM / 552 CMH. Floor-level outlet
  • Filter type: 3M HAF filter 24 pack F368 (same as DrizAir 1200)
  • Dimensions: (H × W × D): 85 × 51 × 51 cm
  • Use weight: 49 kg
  • Drain hose: 40 ft. / 12.2 m
  • Power cord: 25 ft. / 7.6 m
  • Construction: Rotomolded polyethylene shell

Thor Air Dehumidifier 70L

The Thor Air Dehumidifier 70L provides efficient, dependable dehumidification. Enjoy these high performing and durable machines equipped with removable and washable filters that trap dirt and debris. Other special features include a thermostat defrost control and a splash guard switch. These quality components are encased in a heavier chassis for increased protection, and extended use.


  • Power Supply: 220~240V/50Hz
  • Rated Power Input: 750W
  • Max. water removal rate: 32.8 litres/day
  • Operating Range 1°- 38°C
  • Process Air: 235CFM
  • Dimensions (h x w x d): 55.5 x 50 x 106 cm
  • Use Weight: 45.0kgs
  • Refrigerant: R410a

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