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Water Extraction Hire

Our company hires carpet water extraction machines for your carpet water damage needs. In our warehouse we have wet vacuum machine brands such as Powr-Flite, Twister, Pullman and HP portable extractor machines. Included is the hose, upholstery wond and carpet wand. Carpet shampoo machines are also available.

We are mobile and we come to you, Carpet Water Damage Warehouse - in all Sydney,Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Carpet water extraction is the first process for carpet water damage restoration. This is when water is sucked up through the machine to withdraw as much water as possible to start the drying process. Water extraction is done on stairs, in basements, on cement slabs, under stairs, tiled and wooden floors, underlay, and wet items including rugs, upholstery, couches, mattresses and wardrobe cupboards. You can call or text now on 0428 997 684, fill out an inquiry form here or email us directly

Hire Wet Carpet Water Extraction Equipment in Sydney, free delivery and set up


Can I do carpet water extraction by myself?
Yes you can our machines are easy to use and operate, you can call our service number if you have any questions.

Is there a price for carpet water extraction?
Yes our prices start from *$180

Save money and time by renting one of our budget carpet water extractor machines. Get a carpet extractor from our carpet warehouse there is pick up and delivery available.

Hire Wet Carpet Extraction Machines in Sydney, free delivery and set up
We also sell new and used carpet extractor machines. Our email is for more information.

Emergency 24/7 extractor machines available.


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